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About Us

Squishibois was founded in March 2021 with a goal of brightening up people's lives during the covid-19 lockdowns. Plushies became essential to some people's well-being as they were missing out on much needed soft touch and cuddles!

With life returned to normal, our goal has not changed. We love to see the big smiles on people's faces when they see a giant, squishy and huggable plush! 😊 

Spreading joy into people's lives is what we're all about here, which is why we only stock the cutest, most squee-inducing plushies we can find. And to keep costs low, we ship directly from the manufacturer to you, keeping costs low and passing the savings on to you. As a totally online business, we can ship anywhere in the world within 7 days, so you'll never have to wait long to get the plushies you want - or the perfect gift to put a smile on someone's face!